How to provide access to your Mobirise website

Due to the peculiarities of the Mobirise application there is no way to provide us with the access to your website’s backend. However, you can create a copy of your site and share it with our Support Team.

This article explains the reasons why we might need this file and the ways of sharing it.

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Why we might need your website file

Here are the basic reasons:

  • to help you install your widget
  • to fix compatibility issues
  • to customize your widget

Sharing your Mobirise website

Here are two different ways of sharing your website file. Here they are:

Sharing the website via Settings

The first method will help you create a copy of your project and download it.

Open your Mobirise application, choose the Sites tab and click on the Site Settings icon:
Then click on the Export Project button and download the website file:

Done! You have successfully downloaded the file.

Sharing the website via Publish

The second method will help you create a full copy of your site (project + HTML files).

Open your Mobirise application, enter your site editor and click on the Publish button in the upper right corner:
Select the Local drive folder option, click Publish and download the website file:

Well done! You have successfully downloaded the project + HTML files.

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