Adding a CSS code to Elfsight app from Shopify App Store

In this article, you will learn how to add a CSS code to your Elfsight app from the Shopify App Store. If you are using our cloud-based Elfsight app, you can easily find the Custom CSS field in the widget's editor.

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Why you might need a CSS code

You can easily adjust the appearance of your Shopify Elfsight app in your widget's settings. But if the available options don't quite fit your needs, you can take full control by applying CSS codes to stylize any element you want.

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How to add a CSS code to Shopify Elfsight app

To add a CSS code, please follow the instructions below.

Go to the Apps section in your Shopify admin panel and choose the Elfsight app you'd like to customize:
Click on Preferences, and you'll see the Custom CSS field:
Paste the code to the Custom CSS field and save the changes:

Done! You have successfully added the Custom CSS code.

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