How to set location in the Weather widget

There are several ways to add your location to the Weather widget and in this article we will cover all the options to give you a better idea of how the widget works and help you choose the best solution.

Sometimes when you customize your widget, you might see some discrepancies between the weather in your location and the weather you see displayed in the widget. That usually happens when there are, for example, a couple of locations with the same name and the widget does not know which one is the correct one.

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Adding a location by City

The first and the easiest way to add a location is to enter the name of a specific city that you want to display the weather for in the widget:

This way of adding a location may not be the most reliable one. If your city shares the same name with a city in another country or state, the widget may not be able to recognize the location you had in mind. In this case, please use other options listed below.

Adding a location by ZIP code

You can specify a location by adding its ZIP code instead of the city name:

ZIP codes are more precise so, if you're having issues with the city name, adding location by a ZIP code should help.

Although ZIP codes are more precise, they are not always unique and there might be another location in the world that has the same ZIP code as yours. For such cases, we have a more advanced option described below.

Adding a location by Coordinates

If you add your location's ZIP code and still see that something is wrong with the weather in the widget, the best option will be to add your location by entering its coordinates:

Which you can easily find on Google Maps:

These will be the coordinates you need:


You can find more detailed instructions on how to find coordinates here - Why my zip code does not work in Weather widget.

Visitor's Location

Apart from adding a specific location, our Weather widget can also showcase the weather in your visitor's current location. When you choose this option, the widget will automatically determine where your visitor is by their IP address and will display the correct weather.

In order to enable this feature, please switch to Visitor's Location in your widget's editor:

Well done. Now you know how to set location in your Weather widget!

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