Why my zip code does not work in Weather widget

You may notice that sometimes the Weather widget may display incorrect information when you add your location by its ZIP code. Unfortunately, ZIP codes aren't unique and because of this, they may broadcast the information for a completely different location from the one you had in mind.

The best way to avoid this is to add a location using its coordinates. 

To find the coordinates, please open Google Maps, enter the name of the location, and press Search. In the URL, you will find the coordinates right in the beginning, after the location's name. You need to copy just the digits without any additional characters or letters, so it will look like this:


Alternatively, you can place a marker on any area on the map and coordinates of this place will be displayed for you at the bottom of the page:

Copy the coordinates and then add them to your Weather widget:

Please be aware that our Weather widget supports only this format of coordinates 40.6451594,-73.9800254,13 and won't work with any other types.

Great job. You have successfully added a location to your Weather widget!

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