Why Visitor Counter widget does not work on Google Sites

You may have already noticed that the Visitor Counter widget doesn't function properly on Google Sites. This is due to technical restrictions imposed by the Google Sites platform.

Google Sites has unique peculiarities where it automatically converts any custom JavaScript code into iframe format. The special thing about iframe is that it basically works as a window that displays the elements of the source page.

Google Sites uses CDN (Content Delivery Network) with dynamic URLs to store iframe data. Dynamic URL is an address of a dynamic web page that can change its content. The content of such a web page depends on different parameters that it pulls from the database where the data is stored. This makes the information that the widget receives unreliable and doesn't allow counting the actual number of website visitors.

In order for the Visitor Counter widget to work, it needs to access a static URL which Google Sites cannot provide. Thus, unfortunately, our Visitor Counter widget will not work properly on a Google Sites website.

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