How to add a custom icon to your Google Maps widget

If you are using our Google Maps widget, you may need to use custom location icons instead of the default ones. This article explains how to upload your own icon to the widget.

We recommend using images in PNG format and adhering to either a square aspect ratio (1:1, such as 300×300 px) or a more rectangular 4:3 aspect ratio (e.g., 640×480 px).
Go to the Content tab and select Icons:
Click Add Icon to create a new item:
Then you need to click on the Add button again, and either choose the icon from the library or upload it from your computer: Here you can also enter the Name of your icon and set its Custom Size:
Now go back to the Content tab →  Locations:
Choose the location you'd like to set the custom icon for and select your icon from the Icon dropdown list:

That's it! You've successfully added a custom icon for your location:

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