Elfsight and GDPR

In this guide, we'll explain how Elfsight cookies work on your website. You'll learn about the purpose of these cookies, how to ensure GDPR compliance, and options for managing or disabling them. We'll also discuss which social media widgets use cookies and provide guidance on handling any related concerns.

What cookies exist

Elfsight Cookies

Your website visitors interact only with one cookie from Elfsight:


This cookie prevents counting more than one view from the same user within 15 seconds.

To ensure GDPR compliance, we recommend one of the following solutions.

Adding this cookie's tech description to your cookie bot or content manager:

domain: core.service.elfsight.com , path: /, maxAge: 15000 (15 seconds), sameSite: none, httpOnly, secure
description: Used for implementing social platforms on the website.

Disabling the cookie completely.

The cookie can be turned off only per request from the account owner. For that, reach out to our Support Team

Once turned off, the cookie will be disabled for all widgets created under the specified account.

Other Elfsight cookies interact only with account owners to ensure proper widget functionality.

Social Platform Cookies

Social media widgets, such as Instagram Feed, Twitter Feed, and so on, don't get assigned any cookies from the respective social platforms. The exceptions are Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr.

We can not disable these cookies on our side. However, if you have any concerns regarding this matter, please contact us. Our developers will consider your case individually šŸ‘

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