Step 1: Connect your TripAdvisor reviews

Types of supported TripAdvisor links

Currently, you can display the reviews for the following TripAdvisor items:

  • Hotels
  • Attractions
  • Attraction products
  • Restaurants
  • Rentals

If you need to display reviews for an item that is not on the list, please contact our Support Team and let us know.

Connecting your reviews to the widget

  1. Open the page with the reviews you need to feature on the TripAdvisor website and copy the link from the browser address line:
  2. Paste the link to the TripAdvisor URL field and your reviews will be displayed in the preview on the right:
Note: Please, keep in mind that it might take the widget a while to collect the reviews for the first time. Please, don't worry, the reviews will be collected much faster during following loads.

If you have other questions or you think there might be an issue, please contact our Support Team, we will be happy to help you.

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