Why my Twitter Feed widget doesn't update

Please note that the Twitter Feed widget may not immediately display new tweets from your Twitter account. This occurs because our widget uses cache to enhance loading speed and reduce server load.

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Current cache time

The current update cycle of our Twitter Feed widget is:

  • 720 hours (30 days) if you are using Twitter Feed widget on the Free plan
  • 120 hours (5 days) if you are subscribed to a paid Twitter Feed plan or a Pack plan
To get acquainted with the available paid plans, please refer to the following article - Pricing.
Once the desired plan is chosen, you can proceed with the upgrade following the steps described in this article - Upgrading your subscription plan.

How the cache works

Rather than requesting data from Twitter each time your page is accessed or refreshed, the widget requests Twitter for new content once in a particular time period (720 hours / 120 hours). Then it stores this content in the cache and displays it from the cache. After the cache is expired, the widget requests Twitter for the new content again, and that’s when the updates make it to your widget.

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