Changing video order in Vimeo Gallery widget

If you want to change the order of your videos in the Vimeo Gallery widget, look no further! This article will guide you through the process with ease and help ensuring your videos are arranged just the way you want them.

Exciting news — you have 7 different options for sorting and displaying your videos in a variety of ways! This gives you more control and flexibility in how you showcase your content.

To see all options we provide, please open your widget settings → the Content tab → Sorting:

Check out the descriptions below for each sorting option:

Default (Vimeo Order)

With this option, your videos will be displayed in the order that you added them to Vimeo:


This option allows you to display your videos in alphabetical order. This can make it easier for viewers to find and navigate through your content:

Creation Date

If you'd like your videos to be displayed by their creation date, then this option is perfect for you:


If you have videos of varying lengths and would like to sort them accordingly, this option is just what you need:


Our widget offers the option to sort videos based on the number of likes they have received. This means that videos with more likes will be prioritized and displayed first:

Modification Time

If you prefer to have the most recently modified videos appear first in your display, this sorting option is the perfect choice for you:


In case you're looking to showcase your videos based on their play count on Vimeo, this option is what you need:

If you're looking for additional sorting options, we welcome your suggestions in our Wishlist here. Your feedback and ideas are super important to us, as we're constantly striving to improve our customer experience 🙌

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