Setting up your Number Counter to show dynamic real-time values

Want to connect your Number Counter widget to an external data source, enabling real-time updates for the numbers? This article introduces the External URL feature that will help you achieve that!

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How you can benefit from this feature

The main advantage of the External URL feature is the ability to display live numbers. In this case, the widget will automatically update numbers by pulling information directly from your database. As a result, you won't have to change these numbers manually within the widget.

Steps to add your External URL

Create a URL that will return data in JSON format.

If you want the counter to start from 0, JSON has to contain only endValue (end value of the counter after the animation ends):

"endValue": 100

However, if you want the counter to start from a specific number, make sure that JSON has startValue (start value of the counter), too:

"startValue": 5,
"endValue": 100
The URL has to contain the data that you want to send over to the widget. Therefore, you need to connect the URL to an existing source of yours, or create an algorithm that will change the numbers dynamically.

Once the URL is ready, paste it into the Enter URL field:

That's it! You have successfully connected your Number Counter widget to your own database. From now on, the widget will request and display numerical values for each counter with a specified External URL dynamically. 

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