Three common errors you may face with WhatsApp Chat

After installing the WhatsApp Chat widget on your website, you may encounter an error message saying that no messengers are connected or there is a problem with the phone number. Below, you will learn more about the main reasons that could be causing such errors.

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No messengers are connected

You will encounter this specific error message if you haven't added your phone number to the widget: 

To make sure your widget is linked to your WhatsApp, go to the widget's editor, and open the Content tab. Here, you can paste your phone number or a short link (for Business Account) into the corresponding field:

Once it's done, the error message will disappear.

The phone number isn't on WhatsApp

If the number you added to the widget is not registered with WhatsApp yet, the following errors will appear once your website visitors are redirected to the WhatsApp messenger:

  • On Desktop WhatsApp messenger:
  • On Mobile WhatsApp messenger:

To solve this issue, you need to complete the registration process for your phone number on WhatsApp. Here's a guide on how to register your phone number - How to register your phone number.

Invalid phone number

“The phone number isn't on WhatsApp” or “Phone number shared via url is invalid” errors may also occur if the phone number was added incorrectly.

While adding your phone number to the widget, please make sure to:

  • remove the plus “+” sign or 00 before your phone number
  • add your country code

Here you can find the list of all the country codes - CountryCode.

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