Google Analytics 4 (GA4): Where to find my events

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What is an event in Google Analytics

Events let you measure user interactions on your website or app, for example, how many times someone clicks on a certain button in the widget. Google Analytics uses the events data to create reports with information about your business.

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Where to find an event in Google Analytics GA4

Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
Go to the Reports tab of your Google Analytics dashboard:
Choose the report type: Realtime Report or Reports Snapshot. Below, we're going to describe how to work with each of them. 

Realtime Report

Realtime tab lets you monitor activity on your website or app as it happens. The arrangement of cards lets you see how users enter the conversion funnel, and how they behave once they're in the funnel.

To access the Realtime report, find Reports Realtime in the left navigation menu:
Scroll till the bottom of the page until you see the Event section:
Click on the label/event category to see more info. To check the clicks statistics, choose the click label:
There you'll see the detailed info about the click category. You can check event_category or event_label subcategories:
Click event_category to see the event parameter:
Click on event_label to see the details:

Reports Snapshot

Reports snapshot displays snapshots of the collected data. Please wait till the snapshots are generated, it may take some time.

In the left navigation, click Reports Reports snapshot. Scroll up to the What are your top events? section and click on View events:
Here you can check your events:

Now you know where to check the statistics on clicks!

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