Attachment file types in Form Builder

While Elfsight Form Builder app offers a variety of useful features, it's important to note that there are certain file formats that are not supported. In this article, we'll highlight the file types that it can't handle and show you how to restrict them to ensure smooth form submission.

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Unsupported formats

When someone uploads an attachment to your Form Builder widget, they may get the following error message:

This error message means they’re trying to upload a file of a non-supported format. Due to security reasons, there are file formats that cannot be attached to a Form Builder submission. Here’s a list of them:

Only non-executable files can be uploaded to the widget (e.g., audio, video, images, and text files).

'.adp' '.mag' '.prg'
'.app' '.mam' '.pst'
'.asp' '.maq' '.reg'
'.bas' '.mar' '.scf'
'.bat' '.mas' '.scr'
'.cer' '.mat' '.sct'
'.chm' '.mau' '.shb'
'.cmd' '.mav' '.shs'
'.cnt' '.maw' '.ps1'
'.cnf' '.mda' '.ps1xml'
'.com' '.mdb' '.ps2'
'.cpl' '.mde' '.ps2xml'
'.crt' '.mdt' '.psc1'
'.csh' '.mdw' '.psc2'
'.der' '.mdz' '.tmp'
'.exe' '.msc' '.url'
'.fxp' '.msh' '.vb'
'.gadget' '.msh1' '.vbe'
'.hlp' '.msh2' '.vbp'
'.hpj' '.mshxml' '.vbs'
'.hta' '.msh1xml' '.vsmacros'
'.inf' '.msh2xml' '.vsw'
'.ins' '.msi' '.ws'
'.isp' '.msp' '.wsc'
'.its' '.mst' '.wsf'
'.js' '.ops' '.wsh'
'.jse' '.osd' '.xbap'
'.ksh' '.pcd' '.xnk'
'.lnk' '.pif'
'.mad' '.plg'
'.maf' '.prf'

Restricting file types

If needed, you can also set restrictions on the file formats that can be uploaded as attachments to your form:

Select the File element you've added:

Click Allowed File Types:

Choose Specified and click Add Extension:

Done! Now, the submitted form can only contain the files of the chosen formats:

Now that you are aware of this feature, you can use it to make the process of filling out the form easier for your website visitors!

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