The Affiliate Fee: terms and payment

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What fee am I entitled to?

Your affiliate fee equals 30% of your referral's subscription. Let's say that your referred customer has made a yearly Basiс plan subscription. This subscription is $60 per year, so your fee from this transaction will be $18.

Important!!! Referred users whose email or domain coincides with yours won't be included in your referral payments

Is the fee recurrent?

Yes, you will receive the fee for each payment that your referred customer makes in our service. This means that you will receive the fee for an active annual subscription once a year, and the fee for an active monthly subscription each month.

What is the minimal payment amount?

The threshold payment amount in our program is $50.

When do I receive my fee?

The affiliate fees are paid out on the 15th of each month. Please, keep in mind that payments are made for the previous month, which means that if your referral has subscribed to a plan on April 14th, you will receive the fee for this transaction on May 15th.

How to receive my fee?

Your affiliate fee will be transferred to the PayPal account you have provided in your Affiliate application. PayPal is the only way we can send out the fees, so please, make sure that you have an account. If you haven't provided your PayPal account in your affiliate application, or changed it since you've signed up, please contact us and let us know. We'll be happy to update the information on your file.

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