Where to find your Contact Form submissions

Choose how you'd like to get your submissions

The most important part of working with  Elfsight Contact Form widget is to have a possibility to get your list of the submissions. In this article we'll describe how to do it in 3 different ways, just choose the one which will meet your needs!

Receiving the list of submissions in Google Sheets

You can get all your submissions in Google Sheets. To do it you'll need to integrate our widget with them:

1. Select SettingsIntegrations: 2. Choose Connect to Google and log in to Google account: Done! Our Contact Form widget has created a Google Sheet where all your submissions will be saved. You can check them clicking on Google Sheets icon in your widget's editor or just find it in your Google account.

Downloading the submissions from your Elfsight dashboard

You can download your submissions list right from your Elfsight account. You'll need to:

1. Go to Applications and select the Contact Form widget:

2. Choose the widget and click on Download

Your browser will start downloading a CSV file with the list of your submissions.

Receiving the submissions in your mailbox

Those who prefer to process every submission separately may find this method quite convenient.

To get the submissions in your mailbox, you'll need to:

1. Go to your widget's settings and select Mail tab: 2. Type email address(es) where you'd like to receive the submissions: 3.Customize the messages you'll receive. You can find how to do it here - Step 2: Set up your mail settings on Mail tab of Contact Form.

Add your email address(es), create a perfect template and get all your submissions via email!

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