Do the widgets slow down the site?

We can assure you that our widgets don't slow down your website and this article will explain why.

How do our widgets work?

We use Cloudflare CDN and the most progressive compression technology - Brotlin, and we also support http/2 and http/3. Widgets are loaded asynchronously and don’t block site rendering. Generally, widget loading takes about 400 ms.

Why it may seem that the widget is slow

Sometimes it seems that the widgets are slow to load. It happens because we've programmed them to load after the rest of the page content is loaded. We have done so specifically in order not to slow down the loading speed of your entire page.

So while it seems that the widgets are slow, they're actually waiting for your entire page to load before they come up.

Our widgets are very powerful, allow to do lots of things, and of course, they will take some of the site's resources, though we're keeping it to a minimum.

What to do if you have other questions

In case you have further questions or need our assistance, please contact our Support Team, we will do our best to help you.

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