Step 2: Adjust your Viber Chat on Settings tab

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1 - Choose the most appropriate widget position on the page.

  • Floating Bubble will scroll along with your website page;
  • Embed Bubble is added as a static button to a particular place on the page;
  • Embed Chat Window is added as an opened window on a specific place.

2 - Display your widget on the right, on the left, or in the center.

Chat Display Settings


Important! This setting works in case you added your widget to your website's template and it's available on each page of your website.
  • All Pages option let you display your widget on every page on your website;
  • Excluded Pages - list the pages where you don't want to display your chat widget;

  • Specific Pages - list the pages you'd like to display your widget on.


Tick the types of devices you'd like to display the widget on.


Select the category of visitors you want to display the chat for:

  • all visitors;
  • visitors who have come to your website for the first time;
  • visitors who had been on your website before.

Date and Time

  1. Tick the days you need your chat widget to be active on your website;
  2. Set the start and end time if necessary;

Open Chat Triggers

Important! Only one trigger must be set, otherwise, the functionality will not work.

Set the type of your website's visitor behaviour that will automatically open the chat window.

  1. Time On Page - set the time in seconds a website's visitor has to spend on the page to open the chat;
  2. Time On Site -set the time in seconds a website's visitor has to spend on the website to open the chat;
  3. Scroll Position - set the scrolled page percentage for the window chat to open automatically;
  4. Exit Intent - enable this setting to open the chat window automatically every time a visitor intends to leave the website or close the browser tab.


  1. Bubble notification badge - keep the red badge to draw visitors attention to the chat window or remove it;
  2. Show notification in browser tab title - make the notification about one new message display in the browser tab once the chat window opens.

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