Step 3: Adjust your Form Builder on Settings tab

On Settings tab you can adjust Actions After Submit, Messages, enable or disable displaying reCaptcha and connect Google Sheet Integrations.

In Action After Submit section you need to choose from following options in drop-down list:

Thank you message option will help you to show the person who filled the form any Message of your choice and you also can insert there Thank you message button text.

Redirect to page feature allows redirecting a user from the page where your Form installed to any other page, you just need to add the URL to the required field.

With the help of Hide Form option you can just literally hide the form, so the person sees nothing after submission.

Messages section lets you fill in the labels for Submit Button, Error Messages and Date & Time in the way and language you want. You can add any information you want to each label in this section.

In reCaptcha section you can choose if you'd like to show it to users or not. 

In the last section named Integrations you can connect to Google in order to create a Google Sheet where you may see your form submissions data.

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