Step 1: Add your Instagram Testimonials on Content tab

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Instagram Posts

  1. Remove the default reviews.
  2. Confirm the removing.
  3. Click Add button.

  1. Add the Instagram URL of your testimonial.
  2. Set the rating or remove it at all.
  3. Choose the emoji sticker.
  4. Add the caption for the chosen emoji that will be seen on hover.
  5. Highlight the phrase or some text in the testimonial.


Choose the needed language.

Widget Title

Insert the Title for your widget.

Total Rating

Here you can show or hide the overall rating underneath the Title.

Call to Action

Enter the call to action text that explains how to give you a testimonial. This text will be displayed below the widget. URLs, hashtags(with #) and Instagram usernames (with @) will be automatically displayed as clickable links.

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