Step 1: Setting your Twitter Feed source on Content tab

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Connecting to Twitter

Before you start configuring your widget, you need to connect to Twitter from inside the widget's editor.

Go to the Content tab of the widget's settings and click Connect to Twitter to sign in with your account:

When the connection is established, three content tabs will come up in the editor and now you can add your source:


To display Twitter content correctly, your widget has to stay connected to Twitter at all times. If you log out of the account you've used to establish the connection, the widget won't display any content. In this case, you need to reconnect to Twitter in the widget's editor.

Supported types of Twitter sources

The widget supports three types of Twitter sources. Depending on your use-case, you can display a public Twitter profile, posts by a hashtag, and separate posts by their URLs.

After connecting to Twitter, the sources tab will come up in your widget's editor where you can choose the type of source you need to display.

Displaying a Twitter profile

  1. Select Profile in Content to Display field.
  2. Paste the @username into the Twitter Username field. Tweets available by the name will be displayed in the feed:

Displaying tweets by hashtag

  1. Select Hashtag in Content to Display field.
  2. Paste the #hashtag to the Twitter Hashtag field. Tweets available under this hashtag will be displayed in the feed:

Displaying Twitter Testimonials

We use the word "Testimonials" here because the most common use-case with tweets by URLs is to display your customers' testimonials. However, you're not limited to testimonial posts and can use this feature to group and display posts by any specific theme.

  1. Select Testimonials in the Content to Display field.
  2. Click on Add button in the Tweets field:
  3. Paste the post's URL to the Tweet URL field and set a star rating for it if necessary. The post will be displayed in the feed:
  4. To remove or duplicate a testimonial, click on the corresponding icon:

Feed language, title, and posts limit

  1. To select the feed's language, choose the one you need from the dropdown list in the Language field:
  2. Enter your feed's title to the Feed Title field:
  3. Enter the number of tweets you need to display to the Number of Tweets Displayed field. Leaving this field blank means that all the available posts will show up in your feed:

In case you faced difficulties using the widget or if you still have any questions that you didn't find the answers for, please contact our Support Team, we will be delighted to help you!

If you think that our widget is missing any features, you're always welcome to leave your feature request in our wishlist tool. We will be happy to consider all the suggestions for their realization in future app updates. 

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