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Setting the filters

Instagram Feed widget offers two types of filters - Display Only From and Exclude By Source. While the filters don't allow you to moderate the images selection before it's published on your site, they still give you additional control over what images are going to make it to your feed.

Display Only From filter allows you to narrow down the selection of images in your feed. For example, you can add a hashtag as the source, and then add a username or several usernames to Display only From filter. In this case the feed will only display tagged images from the accounts you've specified, and not all the images with the source hashtag. Alternately, if you use a username source, adding a hashtag as the filter will let you display images by a specific theme. These use-cases are very popular for showcasing specific products in an online store, or for featuring specific events.

Exclude By Source filter bans the images by a specific hashtag or username from appearing in your feed. This filter is very good for cases when your source hashtag is too generic, or when you need to avoid the posts of your competitors in your feed. 

All you need to do to use the filters is to add a username, hashtag, Instagram URL or location to the corresponding filter, and you're good:

Tips and tricks

The first thing that you have to keep in mind before you set a filter is that there is a limit of images our app can display by each source.

Important!!! Instagram Feed displays only 100 images by a source.

The most common use-case is to set an Instagram account as the source, and use a hashtag in Display only from filter to narrow down the selection of images. What happens in this case is that first your widget pulls in the latest 100 images from your source Instagram account, and then it applies the filter you’ve set to the search results.

Important!!! The filter is not applied to all the images in your source Instagram account, it’s only applied to the latest 100 images in the account.

So when you’re using a filter, be prepared that you’ll get much less than 100 images in your feed.

What do you do when you need to display as many hashtagged images as possible from one specific account?

If you use a more or less unique hashtag, like your brand name, or product name, or the name of your event or something along these lines, there’s a workaround that will help you. What you need to do is switch the source and the filter, setting your hashtag as the source of your feed, and your username as the value in Display only from filter.

In this case, your widget will pull in 100 latest images by your source hashtag, and then apply your username filter to the search results, selecting only the images that are posted in the specified account. Chances are that this selection will go further back than just 100 most recent images in the account.

Another thing to keep in mind when setting a filter, is that when you add two or more hashtags or usernames to Display only From field, the app will only display the images tagged with all the hashtags, or the ones that are published in all the accounts.

Basically, this means that if you set a username as the source, and hashtag1 and hashtag2 as Display only from filter values, the plugin won’t pull in the images from the source account that are tagged with either hashtag1 or hashtag2. It will only display the images that are tagged both with hashtag1 AND hashtag2, and that will significantly narrow down the number of images.

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