Instagram Feed no longer updates

In case your Instagram Feed doesn’t update with newly published posts, most likely, it’s cache-related, and you needn’t worry because they will show up in your feed after a while. Our widget uses cache to make it load faster and to reduce the server load, so it doesn’t request Instagram each time someone browses your feed. Instead, it requests Instagram once every 6 hours, pulls in the images by the specified criteria, stores them in the cache, and displays them from the cache. After the cache is expired, the widget requests Instagram for the images again, and that’s when the new ones make it to your feed.

If your feed has suddenly stopped updating, you need to check your source. If the Instagram username you’ve added as the source was changed, the widget won’t update the source automatically, so you’ll need to make sure that there had been no changes.

Also, sometimes a public account gets switched to private In this case your widget will display the images it’s pulled in prior to the status change, but it won’t update with new images, so check the source account on Instagram.

If none of these reasons apply to your case, please, contact our Support Team and send them the link to your widget. They will be happy to help you in the shortest possible time.

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